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Mighty Mos...

I just got up on Mos Def's single...

It's called "Life in Marvelous Times"

Off his new joint dropping this June.

Please don't be dumb and get it... Mos is not to be slept on.

Also peep at "Quiet Dog" second single off "The Ecstatic"

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Street Blogging

This months issue of H&M Magazine has a beautiful little piece on "street blogging"

In said piece they have all the details, why its so popular, what is it centered around,

and a nice little rundown of some of the top street bloggers out there...

An interesting read, check it.

too see more of this issue go to...

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Angel v. Devil

Yes yes... I know, they've been on them for a while now...

I hate to blog so late about so now. But hey here i am anyway.

Keeping my fashion tastes within my bu
dget, I present

Nike SB Dunk Low Premium - Angel and Devil.

This shoe is adorned with the angel and devil graphics on the insole.

Put together with black denim and soft leather.

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Fashion... CISE!

“I think the cut of Benjamin Bixby comes from comic-book characters, which I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. In comic books, the waist is always pinched, but the legs are full-cut, kind of like the Cracker Jack man.”
- Andre Benjamin

In fashion news... GQ named some of the top designers of 2009.

And guess who I run by on there?

Benjamin Bixby.

This is the clothing line Andre Benjamin has his hands in.

And to be truthful, i'm feeling some of his work.

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Ok... I Conceed!

Definite Cise now... if not never!

The Air Yeezy's...

I'd float the bread for those Black and red joints.

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Bloggin Party!

Partying with the ladies!

Partying with the ladies... some more!

Music, beautiful music... Jada new cd. (CISED!)

My man Seth Rogen and good ol' Pineapple Express

Oh buddy... way to kick off a new blog.

Cisin' a party!