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Nintendo - A Sad Story

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Behind The TEDTalk 2010

Behind the TEDTalk 2010 from m ss ng p eces on Vimeo.

M ss ng P eces get points for more than just there name. This little nuggets of internet here s a piece of art in itself. Giving you a behind the scene look at one of TED's many speakers, you get an intimate detail as to the inspirational ideas and driving force behind the true leaders of our future. Just watch.

P.S. Sir Ken Robinson's 2006 presentation is my all time favorite.


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Visual Treat: PSYOP - LG Kompressor Elite Ad

The guys over at PSYOP are simply amazing... I Stumbleupon them a minute ago and checked out there site. I was in awe... Definitely one of the coolest ads i've ever seen.


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Visual Treat: Dylan Cheek

I peeped this kid a while back, hyped him on his vid and friended him through twitter. kids mad dope and he just upped a new dance vid. Check it out.

I wonder if he'd do a piece for my transmedia project... i'll ask.