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Speak Out: Cell Phone Gaming

What a millennium it has been in the realm of electronics huh? With the news of Steve Jobs stepping down, the realm is a buzz with talk of Apple's future. Trust me, they'll do fine. but nothing ever comes from the over commercialization and accessibility to a relatively exclusive product. But we're not here to talk about that, I want to get on gaming on mobile devices. I mean it isn't a new advancement, but it has come a long way. I watch as my friends and family submerge themselves for hours in a game that is to be played casually. Kind of gets you wondering, are the games becoming better or are we becoming easily distracted?


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New Print: Life of the Party

I finished a new print today, check it out...
You can buy it on Society6
Also, try and like it on a few of the sites listed below, would be appreciated!

Life of the Party

Mix Media/ Vector Illustration


Behance | Society6 | Tumblr


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Dope Shxt: Крутая мебель

Now I can't fully decipher the name of the video. But the demonstrations of space saving furniture design is amazing. Oh and the video IS in english.


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Dope Shxt: The Gonz and XLARGE

I would just like to begin by saying I idolize Mark "The Gonz" Gonzalez. Not only has he been spending his entire life doing what he loves (I as well) in skateboarding. He is making money off it. I mean his company is killing it, his influence is undeniable and this collab with XLARGE is too dope. Just see the mercy.

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Alex Pardee's Attack the Block Illustration

Have I expressed to you all how much I love Alex Pardee's work? I mean out of a fascination for the film he created this piece and another one of the film "Attack the Block." He is too dope and this piece ROCKS!