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Realizing Kerry

Ok so she has been around for a little while now, and she has always been beautiful. But Kerry Washington has had this thing with me. I never really found her attractive, well until i actually watched "Lakeview Terrace." I mean really watch that movie. There was something appealing, vulnerable, beautiful about her in that movie. The characters she usually plays are more on the other spectrum and i guess thats what over shadowed her for me. But my eyes are open, and Kerry gets a definite cise.

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Guess Who's Back!

Eminem has been a prominent figure in hip hop since he's inception.
But in his later years, battling addiction and life problems, his hiatus has had his fans on edge.
Well the wait is over,Em is back. Opening his comeback with the release of "Crack a Bottle" and his first video for "We Made You," Em shows that he has''nt lost a step. But i want to bring attention to his highly cinematic second video "3am." This piece of cinematic art gives me faith for the direction of hip hop. This is a must see for any fan of Em or hip hop. So enjoy.

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Im back... cisin something new.

Peep this one, that new X-Men Orgins: Wolverine game.

It is mad dope and the action is too crazy.

In someways it feels like a movie/video game port. But man if it isnt fun as hell

I did some s*** where i jumped from the air, clawed this cat, then jumped again and just blood all over the place.

This game gets a definite cise.