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Transworld: Best of 2010 Street Skating

Whoa, brings a tear to my eye overtime I think about missing skateboarding.

Transworld offers up this 6-minute video documenting the finest of street skating for 2010. Featured content includes the best of the Day In The Life and Neighborhood segments, road trips, Lance shredding the Ridiculous Pool, and other street features, with appearances by Chad Tim Tim, Levi Brown, Eli Reed, Tyler Surrey, Jimmy Cao, Theotis Beasley, Julian Davidson, Boo Johnson, Dan Murphy, Elijah Berle, Kelly Hart and Walker Ryan amongst others. Enjoy!

via Hypebeast

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Incredible Incredibox!

Incredibly genius, incredibly original, and incredibly addictive. Incredibox is a project created by a couple of beatboxers that lends the ability of beat making to your tiny little brain. i mean they give you all the ingredients and there is no way for you to mess it up. Well i could chat you up about it all day... but the video could a much better job showing.


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J*Davey - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Whoa, there are so many ways this can go bad. I am a huge J*Davey fan, but a bigger Nirvana fan for LIFE! I don't like to here Kurt's words from anyone else's mouth but his. But I am in shock... this adaptation of the song is genius. Poppy as hell, but MTV could have a field day with this track... given everything teenage is on MTV. I mean it takes the original feel of the song and turns it on it's head by lending this kinda destructive partier feel. I mean i would never condone such a thing on any other circumstance. but this was a good look and I love J*Davey's drunken hipster voice.

Just Listen!

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WikiRebels: A WikiLeaks Documentary

Found this over at Hypebeast

Seriously insightful, super intelligent, and massively engaging, you get almost the whole story behind WikiLeaks... An initiate tale with it's leader almost gives you the platform to find some apathy to what they were looking to do.


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"Catfish" trailer

Looks to be pretty good...

Sent goosebumps up y arm atleast

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My first legitimate feature...

A few of my vector pieces being showcased as "inspiration"

head over to