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Hope is Fading Fast


Not the shirt, the concept, execution, and visual is extremely well done... Dope.

But the idea behind it is saddening, I have been holding on to the idea of the change that Obama could make with time. But it is crippling to see all that potential be rushed. People are under direst with financial instability, and the ever decreasing amount of resources, and were here looking for a savior, a man above men to make it all right. I guess with our need for instant gratification, it puts a strain, not on Obama, but our belief in Obama. I will always repsect and stand behind him and his belief, not always his choices. But I hope he can make that one move that will help us realize why he was voted into office.

Tee Shirt: Fresh Jive - Hope is Fading Fast


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Weighing in on Wale - Attention Deficit

A good one just hit the streets. Peep this, he's from the hometown.

I have to say honestly, I wasn't expecting much from the DMV born and bread rapper. But he has, over leaps and bounds, impressed me with this offering from the hip hop gods. i have had to listen multiple times to even catch the witty and intelligent metaphors that plague this cd. He goes through everything, from his african background, to the expectations. he even toughed on a personal subject of my own... light skinned women. But he does this while maintaining that sense of party like atmosphere he gave us countless number of times in his mixtapes and features. being that he is one of the 09 freshmen, i have worries that he wont get the play he deserves. But man i stand by saying, look out for Wale.

Fav Tracks:

Pretty Girls


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Apple - The Upper West Side Story

The coolest store just got cooler...

Besides its cool new location in New York's Upper West side

It has this new overhauled architectural design that just shits on the competition.

Me, i'm a pc. But man if Apple isn't killing it right now. Check the pics.

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