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Hype: Jake Davis and his Test Shots

Jake Davis Test Shots: Mariana Dantec from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

Not much needed to be said... but let me set up the video for you. Jake Davis has been making these test shot videos for a good long while now and I just wanted to show off my favorite one. These test shots showcase the model that was being shot and the mercy that was being modeled. Now enjoy.

I like Mariana because the scenery and her demeanor just gave off this intimate air. She was just doing her job, but she made for a great video with her small frame and very coy actions. Plus that shot with the gulls was pretty cool.


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Lytro Camera

Coming later this year, Lytro, a recent upstart, is looking to eliminate skill in photography. Just kidding, but they're looking to make it beyond easy.

The basic premise of Lytro’s technology is pretty simple: the camera captures all the information it possibly can about the field of light in front of it. You then get a digital photo that is adjustable in an almost infinite number of ways. You can focus anywhere in the picture, change the light levels — and presuming you’re using a device with a 3-D ready screen — even create a picture you can tilt and shift in three dimensions.

via Mashable

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This Explains A lot...

Netflix has been sucking a bit lately...

Netflix has tons of movies available for instant streaming, but most of them are awful straight-to-bargain-bin releases made by no name filmmakers. The modern popcorn movies that usually earn a double take when you're browsing for something to watch mostly come from the Starz channel, which has a deal to share its content with Netflix under the "StarzPlay" banner. But now even that selection of movies has gotten smaller, as Starz recently ordered Netflix to pull all movies produced by Sony Pictures from the streaming section. These include The Social Network, Easy A, SALT and many more.

The move is the result of the pay-cable channel's inability to reach a new contract agreement with Sony. Here's Netflix's VP of Content Pauline Fischer on the matter:

“You may have noticed that Sony movies through StarzPlay are not currently available to watch instantly. This is the result of a temporary contract issue between Sony and Starz. While these two valued partners work through their differences, we hope you are enjoying the wide variety of new movies and TV shows added daily.”

via Complex

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IMO: Weezer - Paranoid Android (Radiohead Cover)

If you know me, you know my love for Radiohead is insurmountable. I mean it's practically out of this world. They stand above all as music royalty to me. I would die to one of there songs before I chose any other influence to give me there spiel about how great they are for music. Decades of Radiohead and they still manage to own a nice chunk of the world.

Anyway Cuomo and the boys chose to cover one of there greatest ballads and in my opinion, I thought they did fairly well. River's voice is a bit weak for the strain that it takes to get to Thom's octave, but the musicianship was a feast and the video, though cheap, was pretty cool. Have a listen, for those of you who find it so great you want it, download link below.


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Kidrobot x Alex Pardee event

So a little while back, I posted the poster for this event. I was basically reminding myself of how much it sucks that im stuck on the east coast right now. But the event went over smoothly apparently and he has pictures up. So check these out and tell me he isn't the coolest!