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Mah Precious Setup...

This here is my workspace

PS3 - $300

HP Notebook - $1100

Insignia 32" HDTV - $4000

Ambition - Priceless

Not everything in life costs money.

For that, you rely on ya self...

Night '09

Good Morning '10


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Vlog Uno

This is my inaugural VLog

at the same time its a minor goodbye to a decade.

Look for more of these from me later.

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I'm Going In!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Check that s***, thats a good game.

I think I need a break coach...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

PSN: DefCise

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Out of boredom... Mac'd out my desktop...

Peep the intricacies.

People say "DefCise ain't no computah hacka"

"Well how you explain this?"

*Mr. T Voice*

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Beauty of the Week

Ok so i started at this nice little attempt to put beautiful girls on.

Mind you, they weren't totally unknown, but the general public (i.e. people i Knew) didn't know they existed.

But it's the end of '09, and this is my last "Beauty of the Week" for the year.

So i wanted to showcase a personal favorite of mine...

She's had a great year, with Star trek, and now Avatar. And she had me when she was in "Crossroads"

Yes I know that film...

But this weeks beauty is...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Zoe Saldana

Click the Title (CTL) to see more.


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Lakers 11 Home winning streak...

So my christmas wish has been answer. Lakers have been dropped, at home no less.

They stand neck and neck with Boston, I foresaw it and the christmas spirit delivered.

It shows why they have such a great record... they play the most at home games in the league.

Cleveland just put up a great performance in LA! The Lakers played... well they played.

For all you Mamba fans that have an excessive need to stand up for the Lakers...

Get a grip and realize Kobe's fate isn't the fate of the Lakers...


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Weighing in on... Avatar


This movie was a excellent watch. it looks and feels like a movie that took 11 years to make. james Cameron, director, is more than capable of such an epic blockbuster and anything less would have been heavily scrutinized atleast by me. But u have no objections to this film. The premise is like that of your run of the mill sci fi film. They go to an alien planet, looking for something, get in good, then fuck it all up. But even that was done well, they set you up with these people you actually give a damn about. The idea of drawing you in emotionally isn't new, but it was done better than most in recent outings. Even with that they had a decent cast that fit the roles they portrayed... but lets talk about my favorite, Neytiri also known as Zoe Saldana. I have had a crush on here since before the turn of the millennium and she has really broke out. i mean now i'm afraid to admit attraction because she's getting all this press (don't want to look like a hop on). But even as a blue alien chick, she's hot. but besides that, the emotion she could portrayed in just her voice was crazy, she has a very distinct vice which lend to her mannerisms and it was perfect for this role. Then the premise of these avatars, what an idea. it plans on that mental fantasy of if you could be anything other than yourself what would you be? Ok I could rant on and on... but I don't want to much text before the link out, so check the rest under the link. (click the title)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


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Fine... Liquor?

So I would like to believe that i am a connoisseur of fine liquors.

But I'm not, I just know a few of the behind the counter brands that have come and gone.

Today's subject, French vodka Sobieski.

I had to give a little air time to the struggling company in there decision to get Bruce Willis to participate in there

I enjoy the idea and it may give it that American appeal that could put it right back on the map.

So they still want you to look for what's in the bottle, not who's holding it.

Lets keep in mind the purpose of the liquor.

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Fight of the Century... Not happening?

For the longest time now, Manny Paquiao and Flloyd Mayweather have been dominating forces in the realm of boxing.

Recently it was suggested that these giants meet head to head in a end all be all match to fighter supremacy.

But a recent development has derailed the fight taking place...

Pacquiao's camp is refusing to have Manny blood tested 2 days before the fight.

Manny feels that that amount of blood being taken from him so close to the fight would hav an adversed affect on his body.

I agree, but really this is a ploy set in place by Flloyd himself and he is standing by it.

Pacquiao agreed to 24/7 urine testing and a blood test right after the match.

But not before...

lets see what happens.

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Expensive gifting (Outside the $20 limit)

Ok, so were in a recession, meaning gifts have to be cheap...

But with cheap comes modesty, and being smart... and thrifty... and blah blah blah...

Well for fun... check this out. A gold plated PS3.

Not priced for us common folk, this little doozy is a sight to behold.

If i had the money to buy this... I wouldn't.

It's priced at.... $5000.

But damn if it isn't beautiful.

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A Newness... To Me!

Ok so im not big on jordan brand sneakers, unless they are the good picks of the traditional 23.

But theses 16.5's have done a good job in catching my eye.

Ever since D. Wade rocked them in a Michael Jordan attended Miami Heat game

The shoe head have been all over the Miami inspired colorway...

But im a toned down kinda guy, and these joints do well in enticing me...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

More under the link... (that means click the title)


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Hope is Fading Fast


Not the shirt, the concept, execution, and visual is extremely well done... Dope.

But the idea behind it is saddening, I have been holding on to the idea of the change that Obama could make with time. But it is crippling to see all that potential be rushed. People are under direst with financial instability, and the ever decreasing amount of resources, and were here looking for a savior, a man above men to make it all right. I guess with our need for instant gratification, it puts a strain, not on Obama, but our belief in Obama. I will always repsect and stand behind him and his belief, not always his choices. But I hope he can make that one move that will help us realize why he was voted into office.

Tee Shirt: Fresh Jive - Hope is Fading Fast


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Weighing in on Wale - Attention Deficit

A good one just hit the streets. Peep this, he's from the hometown.

I have to say honestly, I wasn't expecting much from the DMV born and bread rapper. But he has, over leaps and bounds, impressed me with this offering from the hip hop gods. i have had to listen multiple times to even catch the witty and intelligent metaphors that plague this cd. He goes through everything, from his african background, to the expectations. he even toughed on a personal subject of my own... light skinned women. But he does this while maintaining that sense of party like atmosphere he gave us countless number of times in his mixtapes and features. being that he is one of the 09 freshmen, i have worries that he wont get the play he deserves. But man i stand by saying, look out for Wale.

Fav Tracks:

Pretty Girls


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Apple - The Upper West Side Story

The coolest store just got cooler...

Besides its cool new location in New York's Upper West side

It has this new overhauled architectural design that just shits on the competition.

Me, i'm a pc. But man if Apple isn't killing it right now. Check the pics.

Check more FTL (From The Link)

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Adidas Ransom Spot

Definitely a cise...

A new look on a line of rugged footwear by Adidas.

Most of the goods range in the $100 mark.

But it is well worth it...

CHeck the commercial spot from the link (FTL)


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It's been a long time...

But change is goin' to come.

I have been away from the blog for quite a while now and that's going to change.

All those who subscribe, all those who take a gander, i'm back.

so stay tuned.

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VH1 Hip Hop Honors

Definitely insightful. Beyond amazing, and Lyor is fucking inspiring. I want to be that dude. But nevermind that, I need yo speak on the "Honors", PREACH!

It was definitely the one i loved the most. i have been a fan of so many on the def jam roster since the early years. I can remember The Wu (huge fan of method man for ), LL Cool J, early Redman, the introduction of Mary J., Eric mo fuckin' Sermon, The blaze of DMX, How crazy was Busta in the beginning? I mean was there since the early nineties when i could comprehend the music. But this was a culmination of the best, the realization of a king. This honors put me on with the jams all night and it needs to be said. Even with the performances of the new faces... man it was memorable. That Beasties tribute was dope (big ups for the hometown boy Wale. Plus that Meth and Mary J. joint... my all time favorite song in general... Man i could go on all night with this, did you peep Foxy's breasts... crazy. DMX, man good to see that dude still at it. then Onyx went crazy, Lyor wild out. Man this was fucking unforgettable. So if you missed it look it up. Catch it next time, but let yourself not see it.

P.S. Tracy Morgan is fucking HILARIOUS!

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Weighing in on... Obama's Nobel Prize

I have gone so long without saying anything about this...
But f*** it now, i'm going in.

This man is being awarded for what his policies will create for us.
The Rep. Party has this needed to speak down any and everything with an unabashed sense of conviction as if anything against there belief is blasphemy. Why would this be a bad move? yes it reflects a sense of accomplishment to a leader that has done so little as of right now... BUT IT'S BEEN 9 MONTHS. Maybe they could have held back on giving him such a prestigious award. but if you read on, there are reason for the move you see this should rally a support behind it is he doing, and what it is he is trying to do. Now me, i'm rather unbiased at times because I love debates and being apathetic gives me an upper hand. But come on....?

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Wale - Fly Away

A new offering from everybodies favorite

gogo thumpin'

DC bumpin'

DMV native

Wale Folarin.

It's called "Fly Away" and its off his debut "Attention Deficit"
Sick ass song by the way.

Wale - Fly Away


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A Night out....

Took a trip through Crystal city, to Crystal Plaza...

Alot of Crystal because i was with my girl, Crystal.

A catered night out, damn Red, Hot, and Blue is good.

Peep the pics.

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Oh man, I have the goods...

The Bees Knees

NERD has a game!

This will bring traffic and something to do when im bored...!

Thank you NERD!



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My day wasn't that great a day...

Today was a travelin' day
I was all over Georgetown today dropping off applications
Peep what i peeped while out on them streets...
Shouts to the good people of Georgetown...
Urban Outfitters
American Eagle
and all ya'll

Beauty is everywhere,
even in the DMV...
Peace ya'll!