VH1 Hip Hop Honors

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Definitely insightful. Beyond amazing, and Lyor is fucking inspiring. I want to be that dude. But nevermind that, I need yo speak on the "Honors", PREACH!

It was definitely the one i loved the most. i have been a fan of so many on the def jam roster since the early years. I can remember The Wu (huge fan of method man for ), LL Cool J, early Redman, the introduction of Mary J., Eric mo fuckin' Sermon, The blaze of DMX, How crazy was Busta in the beginning? I mean was there since the early nineties when i could comprehend the music. But this was a culmination of the best, the realization of a king. This honors put me on with the jams all night and it needs to be said. Even with the performances of the new faces... man it was memorable. That Beasties tribute was dope (big ups for the hometown boy Wale. Plus that Meth and Mary J. joint... my all time favorite song in general... Man i could go on all night with this, did you peep Foxy's breasts... crazy. DMX, man good to see that dude still at it. then Onyx went crazy, Lyor wild out. Man this was fucking unforgettable. So if you missed it look it up. Catch it next time, but let yourself not see it.

P.S. Tracy Morgan is fucking HILARIOUS!

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