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Acceptable Addictions #1

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With all the crazy bad addictions like drug addiction and sex addiction rising in notoriety.

It has people wondering, what good is there left.

With me being a Sagittarius, I have a bout of optimism.

With that optimism I offer you ideas of healthy addictions.

This week...

Tap Tap Revenge

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Happy Birthday (twitter edition)

So today is my mother's birthday and while on twitter I found out a schoolmate, Ambar, shares the same bday as my mother.

So happy birthday mom, and to you to Ambar.

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So word is, the rapper out of obscurity, Yelawolf, has gotten an Interscope record deal.

Now I have seen this guy on rap blogs across the interweb, but is he really like that?

I mean far be it for me to judge, mentioning I have never heard a song from this guy. But I need a crash course in Yelawolf because I just don't seem to know him...

In unrelated news the rapper Purpfox will making his debut later this year. (not true)


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Project Livin'

Working on my new site for my Intro to Web class.

Check this out.

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Experimented with Java Lightbox 2.something...

I'm feelin' this project.