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Random I know... But this is my new shop banner...


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Speak Out: Cell Phone Gaming

What a millennium it has been in the realm of electronics huh? With the news of Steve Jobs stepping down, the realm is a buzz with talk of Apple's future. Trust me, they'll do fine. but nothing ever comes from the over commercialization and accessibility to a relatively exclusive product. But we're not here to talk about that, I want to get on gaming on mobile devices. I mean it isn't a new advancement, but it has come a long way. I watch as my friends and family submerge themselves for hours in a game that is to be played casually. Kind of gets you wondering, are the games becoming better or are we becoming easily distracted?


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New Print: Life of the Party

I finished a new print today, check it out...
You can buy it on Society6
Also, try and like it on a few of the sites listed below, would be appreciated!

Life of the Party

Mix Media/ Vector Illustration


Behance | Society6 | Tumblr


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Dope Shxt: Крутая мебель

Now I can't fully decipher the name of the video. But the demonstrations of space saving furniture design is amazing. Oh and the video IS in english.


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Dope Shxt: The Gonz and XLARGE

I would just like to begin by saying I idolize Mark "The Gonz" Gonzalez. Not only has he been spending his entire life doing what he loves (I as well) in skateboarding. He is making money off it. I mean his company is killing it, his influence is undeniable and this collab with XLARGE is too dope. Just see the mercy.

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Alex Pardee's Attack the Block Illustration

Have I expressed to you all how much I love Alex Pardee's work? I mean out of a fascination for the film he created this piece and another one of the film "Attack the Block." He is too dope and this piece ROCKS!


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DAMN! Trailer

It's been awhile huh, well pilfered a little nugget of a trailer for you guys. Check it out.


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Hype: Jake Davis and his Test Shots

Jake Davis Test Shots: Mariana Dantec from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

Not much needed to be said... but let me set up the video for you. Jake Davis has been making these test shot videos for a good long while now and I just wanted to show off my favorite one. These test shots showcase the model that was being shot and the mercy that was being modeled. Now enjoy.

I like Mariana because the scenery and her demeanor just gave off this intimate air. She was just doing her job, but she made for a great video with her small frame and very coy actions. Plus that shot with the gulls was pretty cool.


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Lytro Camera

Coming later this year, Lytro, a recent upstart, is looking to eliminate skill in photography. Just kidding, but they're looking to make it beyond easy.

The basic premise of Lytro’s technology is pretty simple: the camera captures all the information it possibly can about the field of light in front of it. You then get a digital photo that is adjustable in an almost infinite number of ways. You can focus anywhere in the picture, change the light levels — and presuming you’re using a device with a 3-D ready screen — even create a picture you can tilt and shift in three dimensions.

via Mashable

Check out more here

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This Explains A lot...

Netflix has been sucking a bit lately...

Netflix has tons of movies available for instant streaming, but most of them are awful straight-to-bargain-bin releases made by no name filmmakers. The modern popcorn movies that usually earn a double take when you're browsing for something to watch mostly come from the Starz channel, which has a deal to share its content with Netflix under the "StarzPlay" banner. But now even that selection of movies has gotten smaller, as Starz recently ordered Netflix to pull all movies produced by Sony Pictures from the streaming section. These include The Social Network, Easy A, SALT and many more.

The move is the result of the pay-cable channel's inability to reach a new contract agreement with Sony. Here's Netflix's VP of Content Pauline Fischer on the matter:

“You may have noticed that Sony movies through StarzPlay are not currently available to watch instantly. This is the result of a temporary contract issue between Sony and Starz. While these two valued partners work through their differences, we hope you are enjoying the wide variety of new movies and TV shows added daily.”

via Complex

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IMO: Weezer - Paranoid Android (Radiohead Cover)

If you know me, you know my love for Radiohead is insurmountable. I mean it's practically out of this world. They stand above all as music royalty to me. I would die to one of there songs before I chose any other influence to give me there spiel about how great they are for music. Decades of Radiohead and they still manage to own a nice chunk of the world.

Anyway Cuomo and the boys chose to cover one of there greatest ballads and in my opinion, I thought they did fairly well. River's voice is a bit weak for the strain that it takes to get to Thom's octave, but the musicianship was a feast and the video, though cheap, was pretty cool. Have a listen, for those of you who find it so great you want it, download link below.


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Kidrobot x Alex Pardee event

So a little while back, I posted the poster for this event. I was basically reminding myself of how much it sucks that im stuck on the east coast right now. But the event went over smoothly apparently and he has pictures up. So check these out and tell me he isn't the coolest!


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KIDULT “Illegalize Graffiti” Video Interview

KIDULT ITW (uncensored) "ILLEGALIZE GRAFFITI" from eric on Vimeo.

Angered and frustrated by the sudden infatuation and commercialization of the graffiti movement, French street artist Kidult has taken to the streets of Paris in an effort to reclaim his craft. In a retaliation against major luxury labels, Kidult has tagged a string of stores in recent months that include colette, Agnés b., JC/DC and Supreme. The video above features a one-on-one interview with Kidult in his workshop and follows along as the vandal hits several major Parisian shopping destinations.

via Hypebeast

My stand on his message:
Naturally he loses a lot of credibility to his argument with creating this self perpetuated genius of a video, but I kinda understand his point. He isn't doing anything new, but he is getting the uproarious response he seeks. Reading his words, my initial idea was that he was looking at the rebellious side of graffiti, the side of graffiti that challenged the right and gave people something to talk. Graffiti that isn't pretty or overly thought out. I liked the anti-establishment sentiment in his work, I rather enjoyed the research done and how he went about getting to the spots he was able to get to. I kinda enjoyed watching him vandalize the faces of so many franchise that thrive off of our last dollars, but dressing it up and trying to have believe that it is street art is a bit pretentious. I say call it like it is, I mean everything doesn't have to have a positive connotation. Tell the people you do this for the rush, or maybe to expose some ugly truth to there past because i rather enjoy watching the progression of the small film. Just a little stuck on his idea of commercialization, then creating a video to commercialize himself.Its really not in my nature to flat-out dislike the work of any creative professional, so I like some and i'm a little adverse about the rest...

Also, who the heck did he steal that civil worker outfit from, classic.

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Up to the Minute: KidRobot x Alex Pardee LIVE PAINTING

I would kill to attend this event. I have admired Alex Pardee since my teen years and he's holding a live painting event in Vegas this weekend... He's going in on a kid robot inspired mural and has 50 copies of his book on hand for attendees... I live on the east coast so... I won't make it, but man. Too cool


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Nike Presents: The Pool

The Pool - The Full Story from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.

One of the greatest displays of BMX talent I have seen in HD. Just please watch this one!

The Pool from Nike was more than a BMX comp, it was one of the most extra-ordinary gatherings of the BMX community this century. From the draining of a soon to be demolished local authority swimming pool in Dagenham, East London, into a world class park in less than two weeks was a feat in itself, but to see the diversity and level or riding on display at the launch event was truly remarkable. 40 international riders with a brand new team format saw non-comp riders, veterans, street destroyers and park animals all throw down into something far better than they could have dreamt of.

via Hypebeast


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Sun Day by A2

Sun Day from Derek Spencer on Vimeo.

Brilliant and emotionally defiling. This simple piece of illustration holds just as much emotion as a rendition of Gilbert Grape. Wow.

A young boy and his sister, alone on a cold moon, experience light for their first time.

This is a third year group film from Sheridan College 2010. It was a collaborative effort of 8 months between Sean Calligan, Jen Bamford, Hail Kim, Nosa Ott, Cassandra Piesz, Morghan Peressini, Vanessa Stefaniuk, Derek Spencer, and Eddie West


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Ben Eine - Oranges and Lemons

Ben Eine - Oranges and Lemons from abbie brandon on Vimeo.

I wish i had something to say, but my mental commentary is having a field day with the rebellion resonating from this piece. Give me a few days and i'll have a viable argument for this piece. Right now, enjoy.

In an effort to liven up London’s walls once again, British street artist Ben Eine takes on Westminster Council’s zero tolerance on graffiti and street art with a huge mural on the side of The London Graphic Centre in Covent Garden. Eines’ first piece in the UK this year is in his signature typographic style that can be found on shutters around Shoreditch, East London, and more recently LA and San Francisco.

Directed by Abbie Brandon.

via Hypebeast


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Aztro - Kool Aid and Life

The homie reached out to me to take listen and i was more than impressed, so i was thinking you all should get down too, peep it.


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There is something eerily artistic in watching beautiful women do implausible things to the sounds of classical music... Just watch.

The new film by Daniel Askill, shot with a Phantom camera, captures the spirit of the Aussie label's coloured denim collection

Found this over on Dazeddigital.com


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Saber vs. Saber

Found this interesting little piece perusing the articles of Hypebeast. Funny, and cool, go figure.


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Everything Must Go (Trailer)

Interest... Check
Anticipation... Check
Will Farrell tackling another serious role... Check

Sounds like a bet to me, how about you?

Everything Must Go Starring Will Ferrell and Christopher Jordan Wallace.

May 13


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BAD ASS: Supra "Three Amigos" Texas Tour Video

Supra Three Amigos Texas Tour from SUPRA Footwear on Vimeo.

All around cool wrap in a a magnificent bundle.

Tour was inspired by the release of Supra's newest member the Amigo.
Hit the link for the rest.

In March of 2011, SUPRA Team Riders Furby, Spencer Hamilton, Horsey, Boo Johnson, Keelan Dadd and Cody McEntire toured Texas in support of the Amigo, the newest team shoe from Supra. In addition to the tour, Furby, Spencer Hamilton and Horsey each created a signature color story inspired by their country of origin – hence the name “The Three Amigos”. Each shoe features custom sock liner artwork and custom heel tabs and were produced in extremely limited numbers.

via Hypebeast

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Tyler, the Creator NME Cover

With the veracity in which OFWGKTA is rising, you questioned how long it will all last. But man do they deserve it and check the cover of NME this month... TTC has reign over Kanye!

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JGL - Epic Headbanging!

Saw this and lost my shit... too funny and makes JGL (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) that much cooler.


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Inspirational: Tony Alva x Vans - Pass the Bucket

Pass The Bucket with Tony Alva from Off The Wall TV on Vimeo.

I mean truly inspirational. I was sitting in my school library listening to this piece through headphones and a the end I wanted to clap, Thats how touched I was. Tony Alva is awesome and the fact that he got through it all was enough, now he comes to light with something like this? For skateboarders, and regs alike, watch this video.


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Wishlist: Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses Exhibition @ Experience Music Project Science Fiction Museum

The people closes to me know how much of a fan I am of nirvana, the ones even closer know I have been listening to them since childhood. now they have this awesome exhibit going down in there hometown of Seattle and where am I? Stuck in terrible ass Virginia. Man check the Exhibition highlights through the link...

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The Creative Book

To my amusement, I was contacted with word of a new upstart in the works that would give a creative professionals in the fields of Modeling, photography, styling & directing, a place to show off there portfolios. What's so coincidentally funny is I was going to do the same exact thing in magazine form coming this summer. But never mind that, this is my assessment of the site. It's a nice little slice of the internet and the design is playful and approachable.

Could not get too hands on as it is in sort of an invite beta stage. But it is coming. For more info on the project or to have yourself be one of the first few apart of such a project head over to The Creative Book.

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IMO: The Fighter

It pains me sometimes as to how detached I am from the outside world. I find myself blaming it on work, school, etc. but I miss so much. Like getting to see “The Fighter” grace the big screen. Never the less, I saw the film, and in my opinion, it was spectacular. Truly deserving of all its praise and accolades.


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Art Circle: Melissa Campa

Caught a glimpse of her work over on tumblr, followed a link to the rest of this beautiful stuff. Slight in personality and almost macabre at times, Melissa Campa, a hard one to get info on since I don't translate much spanish, has a body of work that echoes her talented career. Not a teacher, she has been in numerous gallery showings, won countless awards, and ow teaches. I love her color pencil pieces the most.

Check out more through the link...



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Childish Gambino - Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks from Donald Glover on Vimeo.

I almost feel like Donald and Gambino are two separate entities and i don't want to speak them in the same breath. But wow, i'm sold on the visuals Who though something as simple as a close up would give life to this track. Aside from the metaphors and all the relatability in the world, his energy is attracting and the music is just god. I mean come on, check out the videos, Freaks and Geeks.


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Die Junge Die Young (The Young Die Young)

DIE JUNGE DIE YOUNG (The Young Die Young) from Jason Jaworski on Vimeo.

Found this interesting piece of performance art on the web waiting to be plucked and ripened for the defcise audience. Take a look.

DIE JUNGE DIE YOUNG (The Young Die Young) is a film detailing the progression of a 2011 performance of the same name that took place in San Francisco in preparation for Future Sounds – a live collaborative performance piece between artists Jason Jaworski and Monica Canilao as a part of 2011′s Culture Club at Noise Pop Festival.

via Upper Playground


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For A Friend: Lazer - Innerstellar Travels

It appears to be mixture season because they're dropping like flies. Here we've got a new one from a childhood friend of mine, Lazer. Pretty decent listen, he definitely has the literary chops in some instances. The tape itself is nice, tell me what you think if you get a chance... find out how to reach me. P.S. new layout coming soon.


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Cool Shxt: HTC Flyer

Too cool...

From the Mobile World Conference, being held right now in Barcelona, Spain, comes a preview of the latest Android tablet, the all-new HTC Flyer. The 7-inch device boasts a 1024 x 600 LCD screen, 1.5GHz processor, HSPA+ connectivity and a 1.3MP camera on the front with another 5MP one mounted on the back. New software features also include SRS Surround Sound, “Scribe technology” that recognizes handwriting, and OnLive, the cloud-based game streaming service. The phone will be available for purchase worldwide sometime in early 2011.

via Hypebeast

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For a Friend: A-Sicka - Halfstep From Greatness V. 2

I am doing this to promote my roommate and friend Anthony on his musical pursuits. We all have dreams, and it's what we do to pursuit that defines who we are. He is diligent and even more persistent when it comes to his talent. I have heard his work in the making, and the kind of enthusiasm he expresses about music and his music is inspiring. His demeanor is a bit surprising when you think your run of the mill hoodlum, he's far from it. But his work here is definitely a tale as old as time if you're looking for the kid truing to make something out of nothing. There's nothing better to see than ambition in todays youth. With that I suggest you give his current work of art a spin or two.

Halfstep From Greatness V.2


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A.P.C. NYC Flagship Store

I love this New york space, keeping with the clean wood feel, this space speaks to me with its range of space and use of minimal details. I love light colored woods and minimal details. A win across the board for me.

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Nintendo - A Sad Story

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Behind The TEDTalk 2010

Behind the TEDTalk 2010 from m ss ng p eces on Vimeo.

M ss ng P eces get points for more than just there name. This little nuggets of internet here s a piece of art in itself. Giving you a behind the scene look at one of TED's many speakers, you get an intimate detail as to the inspirational ideas and driving force behind the true leaders of our future. Just watch.

P.S. Sir Ken Robinson's 2006 presentation is my all time favorite.


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Visual Treat: PSYOP - LG Kompressor Elite Ad

The guys over at PSYOP are simply amazing... I Stumbleupon them a minute ago and checked out there site. I was in awe... Definitely one of the coolest ads i've ever seen.


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Visual Treat: Dylan Cheek

I peeped this kid a while back, hyped him on his vid and friended him through twitter. kids mad dope and he just upped a new dance vid. Check it out.

I wonder if he'd do a piece for my transmedia project... i'll ask.