Speak Out: Cell Phone Gaming

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What a millennium it has been in the realm of electronics huh? With the news of Steve Jobs stepping down, the realm is a buzz with talk of Apple's future. Trust me, they'll do fine. but nothing ever comes from the over commercialization and accessibility to a relatively exclusive product. But we're not here to talk about that, I want to get on gaming on mobile devices. I mean it isn't a new advancement, but it has come a long way. I watch as my friends and family submerge themselves for hours in a game that is to be played casually. Kind of gets you wondering, are the games becoming better or are we becoming easily distracted?

No but really, about these games, they really are that fun, and addictive. I know I am more than anything just rambling, but let me begin with my own experience here. I am an avid game player... of systems. I played almost any and everything so cell phone gaming wasn't always my cup of tea. But then I got into the whole Angry Birds ordeal and now that my attention span won't allow me to pay that game much time anymore, I have invested in the less casual games. Angry Birds has become a franchise since its inception and I can only imagine that every developer hopes to realize this fame. But is it all really worth it? We love our phones, out lives are on our phones, but should really be paying $14 for a game we'll be bored with in a month? I mean for those of you who play your games until your touchscreen buttons stick, more power to you; but it all just seems like a legitimate hustle and we're being played.

Nothing against cellphone games and you casual gamers, just saying.

On a side note, I own an Android phone, so when you find a good game, you tend to stick with it. here are a few i'd recommend:

Robotek HD
Caligo Chaser
Happy Viking
Gun Bros
Dragon, Fly

Peace ya'll

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