Preach: Jay Z x Lil Wayne Beef

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Though I have little to no time these days, what with school, work, and personal endeavors, I still find time to keep up with the current news in music.

I want to address this beef that is coming to head between Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. I mean come on, Lil Wayne gets his popularity from whoring himself to any track that will have him and goes to change his images into what a skating rockstar? Does that not make you larger target for ridicule. But get this he wants to be ridiculed by the man that comes second to Ether... I mean Lil Wayne is fun to listen to in an ignorant situation. But all he talks of is taking life and putting his people on. I mean the only person Lil Wayne has ever shot was... HIMSELF! Now I am far from a Jay Z fan, in fact growing up, I hated him. I was always a TuPac advocate so when he cooked him, I was too through with all of the east coast rap scene. But come on, Jay is hip hop, he has a hip hop legacy that spans a much larger amount of time than Lil Wayne and has spawn such a glorious assortment of sounds, songs, and memories. Lil Wayne shouldn't go crawl into a hole or nothing of that sort, but I think he should reevaluate his battles.

Oh and why was Drake on that track? I understand Lil Wayne is his boss and Lil Wayne feels like any song with the Degrassi song will be a hit, but were you not just talking of how Jay Z is rap royalty, how you'd shed a tear if he lost his life? Why condone this foolishness? I don't normally rant, but I had a listen to The Carter 4 and aside from the amazing amount of features, the tape did nothing but put a Busta Rhyme song in my iTunes list. I can appreciate his attempt to branch out from traditional hip hop beats and rap over more indie rock sounds. But still his punchline rapping has far outdated his influence. I mean when you spend a year making and featuring in 100 songs using that same, tired ass tone, people are going to start becoming all to familiar with your sound. Outside of the everyday wanna be thug, who wants to listen to damn near 20 tracks about how many time you can take a life and what you can stand during sex?
Drakes RnB rap can't help a ailing rap. Also about those features, was it mean or did they seem more like a ploy to get you all to buy the album, I mean he wasn't even on them. He got a bunch of well respected rappers to rap and shout his name a few times. I have been shaking my head for the last two days on this...

With that said, I don't think Jay Z or Watch The throne has anything to worry about from Lil Wayne.

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