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Recent Acquisitions!

Last night was eventful...

I digitally bought

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Marvel vs Capcom 2 (on my Playstation 3)

Then I went and purchased

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Little Big Planet (hoping my girlfriend will play it)

And last, me and the little lady went to go see...

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Book of Eli

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He's in the business of killing Nazi's, and cousin, business is good.

Now in plastic glory.

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Nike SB Dunks have come a long way since inception...

Not always for the better...

But what has really crippled them for me is this excessive need to derive designs from pop culture influences...

here is there latest attempt at hype...


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Hungry Much...?

My girl... she don't cook.


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Finished lol!

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There's icecream on the inside lls!


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I'm sorry for the lack of posting lately...

It's due to this damn game.

It's extremely good.

Thing is it's a kill as much as you want, while solving a conspiracy game.

The conspiracy is so intelligently done it is only shadow by the historical calculations behind every location in the game.

Let me not get on the level the graphics are on.

I want to say so much more, but... check it out!

More below, click the title.


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My First Tat!

The other day, i indulged in an ancient ritual...

Once used to pair warriors with tribal markings...

I partook upon getting myself branded.

I know own a tattoo, and not just anything.

I am practical but what my tats to mean things to me.

So inspirit of my childhood dreams with friends.

I got the word "Veritas" etched into my flesh.

This process was not without a little pain...

Check out the event by clicking the title.


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Just when you hope for the best in 2010.

Something devastates the world...

Just... wow.

Death was everywhere in Port-au-Prince. Bodies of tiny children were piled next to schools. Corpses of women lay on the street with stunned expressions frozen on their faces as flies began to gather. Bodies of men were covered with plastic tarps or cotton sheets.

President Rene Preval said he believes thousands were killed in Tuesday afternoon's magnitude-7.0 quake, and the scope of the destruction prompted other officials to give even higher estimates. Leading Sen. Youri Latortue told The Associated Press that 500,000 could be dead, although he acknowledged that nobody really knows.

via Yahoo! News

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Supra Skytop 2's

Keeping with my rash of shoe posts...

I thought to shed light on my favs of '10

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yes, the Supra Skytop 2's

They're super high, colored dope, and exactly my style.

But here are my fav of the Spring color releases

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


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I don't like Spiz-ikes....

But for some reason I like these...

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Mixtape Offering

A little late night project.

I cooked this up in the night...

My first mixtape venture.

It's a compilation of hip hop remixes by house, electronic, and underground producers.

I'll release it next week probably.

Wait until after that Diplo x Gucci mixtape drops


DefCISE x HBSB Presents: REimagine

1. Slooow - J*DaVeY (Trackademicks Remix)
2. Money to Blow - Birdman feat. Drake and Lil Wayne (AspeQt Remix)
3. Feel Like Dying - Lil Wayne (Flying Lotus Remix)
4. Walkinonit - J. Dilla (Phaseone Remix)
5. No No No - Gucci Mane (Douster Remix)
6. Pop - MIA (Diplo Remix)
7. Ill Street Blues Kool G. Rap (Mike Waxx DOOMED Remix)
8. Bama Gettin' Money - Paper Route Gang (Diplo Remix)
9. I Got This - Young Jeezy (El-P ATL Remix)
10. Oooh - De La Soul feat. Redman (Tatelarock and Troublemaker Remix)
11. Photoshoot - Gucci Mane (Flying Lotus ATL Remix)
12. Archangel - Burial (Phaseone Remix)
13. The Jimmy Choos - Chester French (El-P Remix)
14. You'll Find A Way - Santogold (Switch and Sinden Remix)
15. Daylight - Matt and Kim feat. De La Soul (Troublemaker Remix)

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Diplo x Gucci

In the spirit of Gucci boom then bloooooow!

Diplo, the remix man, has made a mixtape offering to the wayward spirit

Its called "Free Gucci: Best of the Cold War Mixtapes

Dropping Monday!

Tracklist and single below -

Diplo Presents: Free Gucci (Best of The Cold War Mixtapes)
1.Danger’s Not A Stranger (Diplo Remix)
2.Dope Boy (Bird Peterson Remix)
3.Excuse Me (Memory Tapes Remix)
4.No No No (Brodinsky & Monsieur Monsieur Remix)
5.Frowny Face (Douster Remix)
6.Frowny Face (Emynd Remix feat Playboy Tre)
7.Im Expectin (Teenwolf Remix)
8.Boi (Zomby Remix)
9.My Shadow (Salem Remix)
10.Excuse Me (Diplo Remix)
11.Photo Shoot (Flying Lotus Remix)
12.I Be Everywhere (Mumdance Remix)
13.I Be Everywhere (DZ Remix)
14.Im The Shit (Benzi & Willy Joy Remix)
15.Break Yourself (Diplo Remix feat Lil B)

No No No (Douster Remix)

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Lil Wayne - On Fire

Here are the visuals of Lil Wayne's "On Fire".

He's posing, and he has band in a song... using an instrumental.

But it's all good, still has a hip hop feel.

I think is "rock" album is going to be him rapping slowly, over rock samples.

Check it out.


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The HBSC is in business baby.

Just finished the design for the webstore space.

Could'nt apply my own layout because of the account type...

But I think I made it work.


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My Compilation!

I'm an artist...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

No i'm not gloating or anything of that nature.

By industry standards, I do art.

My art is computer illustration.

Now, the same way a musical artist drops/releases a compilation,

I too am releasing a compilation.

This is a sneak peek...

CTT (click the title) for more!

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Olivia Munn... Mediocre?

Some would say the beauty is hyped?

But thats because she aint shaking her ass

Or flashing america some vagina shot at a hollywood premiere...

Come on man, I'm not even into asian chicks and think this half asian girl is bangin'

She's smart, funny, and talks about stuff I give a damn about...

Shout out to my boy PrimoSupreme, this one's for you lol


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Nights A Blur

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

New Years Eve 2009

A night of ups and downs

Slips and definite falls

Fight and make ups

and the ending of a decade.

I have alot to regret, but hey i'm still very much alive and proud of it.

Click the title (ctl) to see more pics.