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I'm sorry for the lack of posting lately...

It's due to this damn game.

It's extremely good.

Thing is it's a kill as much as you want, while solving a conspiracy game.

The conspiracy is so intelligently done it is only shadow by the historical calculations behind every location in the game.

Let me not get on the level the graphics are on.

I want to say so much more, but... check it out!

More below, click the title.

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Definitely on eof the smartest games i have played... ever. With the amount of historical fact that this thing is boasting, it is the driving force behind alot of the fake conspiracies it is selling. I mean if the lesson is enough to draw you in, how about the action? it is crazy, the amount of ways you can take a life in this game rivals to the minds of mass murders. i mean from the mace, to his hand blades, you can see things done that make being an assassin something awesome. Then graphically it is one of the most beautiful, technological, eye bleeding game i have ever seen. i just cant say enough about this game, but go PLAY IT!

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