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Time out...

Woke up at 9 this morning after being awake til 5. I'm so tired it hurts but I can't allow myself sleep, I don't know why, but yeah. I have a portfolio I need to put together for an internship at karmaloop. But who knows if it is even true stuff. But yeah I'll try anyway.

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So boredom reigns because it's raining... Damn weather. But yeah inside playing skate 2 And attmepting to look after this damn cat...

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I haven't blogged in a while so here goes something to wrap your little fingers around. So on about the Tiffany colored rt1's. But common sense is telling me I'm in college and I'll need all the money I can get. Oh and I have been on this sims trip recently, pretty cool shit I guess. It's a shot of my character And my girlfriends character breaking my characters laptop. Funny right? Well I'm out and keep your heads up. Rest in peace MJ.

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Artistic 2009! (live from Artomatic)

Definitely an experience for a lifetime. Artomatic was awe inspiring. The art being

displayed this year was so about this generation, it was a welcoming site given the

grief that has stricken the people from war, and recession. To see that there is a

comforting physical outlet for those of us who are affect the most. Pieces ranged from

resin paint to incredibly emotional sculptures. The artist were all of names from here

in local DC and there was many a videos and and performing arts being displayed. In

there 10th year Artomatic brings the power of art, to the people. It's a beautiful thing.


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The apple of my eye

Hasn't fallen that from my tree. But we've been shaky lately. Don't take any thing I'd one for granted and that happiness you have been looking for will be worth it.

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Today a lounge day I'm breaking From that grind of school. It the final week and I'm chillin in the crib with the roommates.

Playing some video games, trying to avoid doing this magazine spread I have to turn in on Friday.

Just chillin.

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Working on a piece for a friend these days.

Work has been taking up allmy time given that it's finals week.

But I'm not complaining. Summer here we come.

Oh and the piece is a gradient mesh done I'm adobe illustrator in 2 days.

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