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Adidas Ransom Spot

Definitely a cise...

A new look on a line of rugged footwear by Adidas.

Most of the goods range in the $100 mark.

But it is well worth it...

CHeck the commercial spot from the link (FTL)


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It's been a long time...

But change is goin' to come.

I have been away from the blog for quite a while now and that's going to change.

All those who subscribe, all those who take a gander, i'm back.

so stay tuned.

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VH1 Hip Hop Honors

Definitely insightful. Beyond amazing, and Lyor is fucking inspiring. I want to be that dude. But nevermind that, I need yo speak on the "Honors", PREACH!

It was definitely the one i loved the most. i have been a fan of so many on the def jam roster since the early years. I can remember The Wu (huge fan of method man for ), LL Cool J, early Redman, the introduction of Mary J., Eric mo fuckin' Sermon, The blaze of DMX, How crazy was Busta in the beginning? I mean was there since the early nineties when i could comprehend the music. But this was a culmination of the best, the realization of a king. This honors put me on with the jams all night and it needs to be said. Even with the performances of the new faces... man it was memorable. That Beasties tribute was dope (big ups for the hometown boy Wale. Plus that Meth and Mary J. joint... my all time favorite song in general... Man i could go on all night with this, did you peep Foxy's breasts... crazy. DMX, man good to see that dude still at it. then Onyx went crazy, Lyor wild out. Man this was fucking unforgettable. So if you missed it look it up. Catch it next time, but let yourself not see it.

P.S. Tracy Morgan is fucking HILARIOUS!

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Weighing in on... Obama's Nobel Prize

I have gone so long without saying anything about this...
But f*** it now, i'm going in.

This man is being awarded for what his policies will create for us.
The Rep. Party has this needed to speak down any and everything with an unabashed sense of conviction as if anything against there belief is blasphemy. Why would this be a bad move? yes it reflects a sense of accomplishment to a leader that has done so little as of right now... BUT IT'S BEEN 9 MONTHS. Maybe they could have held back on giving him such a prestigious award. but if you read on, there are reason for the move you see this should rally a support behind it is he doing, and what it is he is trying to do. Now me, i'm rather unbiased at times because I love debates and being apathetic gives me an upper hand. But come on....?

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Wale - Fly Away

A new offering from everybodies favorite

gogo thumpin'

DC bumpin'

DMV native

Wale Folarin.

It's called "Fly Away" and its off his debut "Attention Deficit"
Sick ass song by the way.

Wale - Fly Away


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A Night out....

Took a trip through Crystal city, to Crystal Plaza...

Alot of Crystal because i was with my girl, Crystal.

A catered night out, damn Red, Hot, and Blue is good.

Peep the pics.

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Oh man, I have the goods...

The Bees Knees

NERD has a game!

This will bring traffic and something to do when im bored...!

Thank you NERD!



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My day wasn't that great a day...

Today was a travelin' day
I was all over Georgetown today dropping off applications
Peep what i peeped while out on them streets...
Shouts to the good people of Georgetown...
Urban Outfitters
American Eagle
and all ya'll

Beauty is everywhere,
even in the DMV...
Peace ya'll!


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G-Town All Day!

After classes today... took a trip to Georgetown on the prowl for a job...

Me and my boy Wayne Supreme, he got friendly with a chick...

nice right?


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This man is a hero?

Ok so speak of real heroes...

this man first saves a boy from a burning building. No second thought, heard the boy screaming, ran up a fire escape and got him out... while firefighters were there. DAMN!

But then he goes onto to propose to his girlfriend on national tv... man he's living my life right now. Peep it.

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An extremely polished film. It looked great, the art direction does better than better to illustrate the idea the film was going for. The premise was solid and well animated. It actually did a better job of setting itself up than the trailer did promoting it. But it would be a loss to miss this. A film about the ravages and perils of our dependencies on technology. In the midst of mankind's downfall, a single scientist saves the last bit of humanity he can for there to be a future. I don't want to ruin the film for anyone. But its a children's film an adult can be proud to go see.

Check it out, you won't be disappointed. Unless you're a stone hearted loser... then may god be with you.

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Certain Fan of Zombieland!

I'm heading to the movies tonight...

Zombieland hits theaters today!

But I won't be going to see it...

Instead, we'll be watching "Fame"

We as in me and my girlfriend.

It's my treat to her so i'm not blown or upset...

Just randomly blogging about it.

But check the stills and pine!


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New Shit!

This is my newest project...

I'm making a set... or creating a set for a book.
I hope to recreate what is seen in a picture with illustration.
The same emotion, feeling, those same 1 thousand words a photograph is worth,
I want to recreate in a neat vector illustrations.

My earlier pieces were from staged 1 color backdrop images.
So I would like to continue in that idea. But much of the emotional works are with that situational scene backdrop. So I will be making the adjustment for the majority of this set.

So here's a sneak peek. Enjoy.