Weighing in on... Mike Tyson on Oprah

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Mike Tyson, the man, the myth, the latest feature on Oprah?
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Yeah, Mike did a little stint on the Oprah show yesterday and it was enlightening. I watched a monster become a man. the very thing we ridiculed into obscurity came out with the biggest emotion I have ever seen out of any professional fighter. Yeah he had alot to grieve about, given he recently lost his daughter, then having no mother, father, dead trainer... he just hadn't had much to rejoice over. but when he did... it was like watching a kid see his parents after the first day of school. that relief that all the alone was gone because you're going home. they panned the pics of his family and you saw a man reborn. I really have that much more respect for the man known as Mike Tyson, and I hope that you find someplace to do the same.

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