For a Friend: A-Sicka - Halfstep From Greatness V. 2

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I am doing this to promote my roommate and friend Anthony on his musical pursuits. We all have dreams, and it's what we do to pursuit that defines who we are. He is diligent and even more persistent when it comes to his talent. I have heard his work in the making, and the kind of enthusiasm he expresses about music and his music is inspiring. His demeanor is a bit surprising when you think your run of the mill hoodlum, he's far from it. But his work here is definitely a tale as old as time if you're looking for the kid truing to make something out of nothing. There's nothing better to see than ambition in todays youth. With that I suggest you give his current work of art a spin or two.

Halfstep From Greatness V.2

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