I'm Ranting About... Coupons and the First Date

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I just came across something very interesting. Now it's far removed from my regular postings about art and or clothing... or music... or anything along those lines. This was just something that caught my eye and I wanted to chime in on.

The Consumerist had an article about frugality and the use of a coupon on ones first date out.

Here's the article:

Reaching for a coupon at the end of a dinner date could be a potentially mood-killing move. Or it could be a watershed moment to demonstrate shared affection for frugality.

On her blog Give Me Back My Five Bucks, Krystal tries to tackle the taboo of the first-date coupon.

Wrestling with the issue, she writes:

I mean, yeah, okay, maybe using a coupon can be viewed as tacky. But couldn't it also be viewed as smart? Why would you willingly pay full price for something when you know you don't have to? To show that you're not cheap? Because it's awkward to hand over a coupon and still feel confident? Your value isn't dictated by the amount of money someone spends on you. Let's say you took a date to a restaurant that you could afford. But you had a 2-for-1 coupon anyway. You wouldn't use it? Do you really have to spend more money on the first few dates in order to get someone to like you and want to go out with you again? Because let's face it: if you weren't on a date, you know you'd be using that coupon.

Where do you stand on coupon use during dates?

I needed to say something about this because I myself am a frugal person, except on a significant other. But I do believe in the use of coupons however. You see, in these trying times people would like to perpetuate the idea that with frivolous purchases and throwing money around you look like a king among peasants and people will flock to you in droves after your very loins. But I beg the differ, hell I have seen this very notion backfire on many people on many occasions. Actually with the economy the way it is, you are seeing people everyday turn on the rich and beg that they pay more taxes. This is merely a separate topic, but who are you need of impressing? Your date? Why would they need you to spend all of your money if in order to dictate whether or not they choose to keep or lose your number? the way I see it, if your date is really into you, you had him/her before the check even arrived, so there on out should be a breeze. You want to know something else, it's usually the wrong people looking for you to spend top dollar on some mess they wouldn't pony up on. So lets get real, really real, that guy or gal whipping out that coupon, may be a better long term choice than that girl ordering the highest grade chardonnay or that guy purchasing the veal cutlet (gross).

Just be wise people and please keep the coupons handy, you're going to need them.

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