IMO: The Fighter

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It pains me sometimes as to how detached I am from the outside world. I find myself blaming it on work, school, etc. but I miss so much. Like getting to see “The Fighter” grace the big screen. Never the less, I saw the film, and in my opinion, it was spectacular. Truly deserving of all its praise and accolades.

This was the story of Micky Ward’s rise to WBU Champion, who was played by Mark Wahlberg. But unlike Rocky, this was a true story, so it had to convey the real relationships and there effects on Micky’s life and boxing career. This is where you insert Dick Eklund, Micky’s crack addicted brother and trainer. You see Micky adored his brother, a former boxer himself, Dick was best known as the Irish pride of Lowell who knocked down Sugar Ray. But Dick was a bad influence in a lot of ways, a great trainer after watching the movie, but a bad influence. Honestly, I want to sit here and give you all a summary because I am that enthralled. But I will not. Let me say this, the acting was top notch and genius. Mark Wahlberg gave a performance he is famous for, but Christian Bale killed it. Memorable in every aspect, he epitomizes what an overly dedicated actor is with this role.

But my favorite was the beautiful Amy Adams playing Charlene Fleming, Micky’s then girlfriend, now wife. She had all the beauty and strength you’d expect the girlfriend of a boxer to have. Oh and is she gorgeous, I mean wow. But the cast was great. The attention to historic accuracy was great as well. I am assuming it’s easy when you have the real life personalities on set, but it’s always good to be able to back up the facts using the good ol’ Internet. I mean I loved this one you guys and if you get a chance find a way to see this film, you won’t be disappointed.

The Fighter is on dvd and blu ray.

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