IMO: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

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I'm back in action... fully.

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Today i'm giving you my opinion on the coolest movie of the year...

Honestly, my favorite movie of the year, and probably my favorite in Micheal Cera's catalog.  i'm a fan of his work given that I am at the age to find his teenage angst, cool dork humor funny as hell. But this was beyond funny, this movie was AWESOME. More kick ass than "Kickass", gnarlier than "Zombieland" and (personally) more enjoyable than "Inception", This movie has all the parts of something cool...

This movie has the hot, cool girl, the exceptionally young, cute girl, the awesome friends, the kick ass protangonist, awesome music, killer intrument play.... the list goes on. Here i'm strting to sound like a fan boy, to the review shall we. A well thought out and illustrated raucous through what would be an epic dream. You have Scott Pilgrim (Micheal Cera), falling head over heels for Ramona (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). But with her mental initiation of their "official-ness", he has the combat her ex's (she makes it perfectly clear that it's ex's not exboyfriend's). This prompts the musically comical romp into theland that is this story. His friend (the band), and his roommate also play major roles with what them being some of the funniest support characters in a long time. But also, not to be outshined is the effervescent Knives Chau (Ellen Wong), Pilgrim's original love interest and full on stalker. They take on the lot of Romona's ex's and it is nothing short of entertaining, and creative. Needing different techniques for every one, it felt like you were learning as they did, through all of the humor and general merriment. Oh and for the record, Pilgrim SHREDS!

But the movie is highly imaginative, super creative, knock your sox off rock and roll, and as much a love story as any other Jennifer Aniston film can offer. So why subject yourself to the ignorance of missing this film because you think it's too childish? Grow up and get out... GO SEE Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

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