In My Opinion: "Just Wright"

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IMO = in my opinion. This segment will lend me the opportunity to speak my mind on the various things offered to us from pop culture. From movies to music I can lend my opinion to what the masses think or feel. I just want to say something when everyone has had there chance to do the same.

Here goes nothing!

In my opinion the film "Just Wright", starring Queen Latifah, Common, Paula Patton, Phylicia Rashad, Pam Grier, and a few of basketballs more prominent eastern all stars (no Lebron), was actually entertaining. I mean it has your usual characters and the plot is as you would expect it. Nothing to crazy, a guy falls for the wrong girl just to later get the right girl. I mean it was highly reminiscent of "Love and Basketball." Some would even say "Brown Sugar," but how far a stretch is that? If anything that would be my gripe. The acting was classic and the portrayal was spot on
, and with me being a fan of basketball, i had no problem going with my girlfriend to see this "date" movie. but i beg the question to if it was a waste of money. I mean if you have seen one of the other two films, you have practically seen all three. there is an audience for this kind of movie, and I guess a new one every few years isn't so bad, but I can say I wouldn't like a little variety.

But with that said, it was funny, and every role was cast well. Loved seeing Mrs. Rashad doing what she does best, great acting. then to see Mrs. Grier back on her chops... it was A list casting. Common, for me, played this part well. He had a little bit of his standard hip hop attitude in his character. But he was believable and that's all I ask for.

(And I dare the fellas to try and not find at least one outfit they didn't like seeing Paula in... WHEW!)

All and all a great film for both male and female and definitely a date movie. but I think it would have the same effect on DVD it has on the big screen. That's just my opinion.

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