In My Opinion: TiRON - MSTRD

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I weigh in on TiRON's new offering.

I have been a bit slacking on making noise about TiRON. It isn't because he isn't a good rapper, just haven't heard much from him for a while. But now he gives us "MSTRD".
It is the follow-up to "Ketchup" and a decent one at that. He addresses quite a bit in this small package. Rounding out to be about 10 tracks (less than "Ketchup") he talks about, Chicago, smoking, relationship problems, hip hop, and a few more things. His rapping style is that of a conscious rapper without being bogged down with that preaching flow. I mean he puts things together that would rival some of what we are used to. Which makes him and this tape a breath of fresh air.

But it's his ability to evoke more than just music with his grouping. I have been at this tape for less than 2 hours and I have heard enough to feel something on everything track. I don't want to speak on him as if he is transcending or anything, but he is respected on my end. the tape gives me that early Common feel and good introduction for this summer. Can't wait for the situations this cd will get me through.

Shake of 2Dopeboyz drop the offering earlier today.

You can find it here.



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