In My Opinion: The Cool Kids "Tacklebox"

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What did "I" think of The Cool Kids Latest offering?

A comfortable romp into a mindless stream of verbal reverence and irrelevant thoughts. i mean it would seem that the setup of The Cool Kids is, Chuck makes he beat, and the two of them rhyme words together until it begins to sound dumb. The mix tape may have teetered a bit on that range. I mean the beats had some real old school flare. But lyrically, they're all over the place, and not in the good way. They go from wearing parachutes, to putting on shoes. Why? All for the sake of making the lyrics rhyme. It's ok though, for the age range they cater to, this is grade A stuff. But for the real hip hop heads, you just might want to keep jamming to T.I.'s "F*ck A Mixtape".

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